Fishing Information for Fishing for fish in southwest Florida Waters.

Fishing in the tropical paradise known as Southwest Florida can be one of the most rewarding experiences you may ever have. Much of our coastline is lined with mangroves, a prime ingredient for an estuary which is basically a breeding ground for both bait fish and sport fish. The shallow back bays provide the perfect location to catch a "tailing" Red Drum, Trout or Snook.

Enjoy a quick excursion to deeper waters where shipwrecks and artificial reefs provide the perfect sanctuary for a variety of Grouper, Snapper and Mackerel. Feel the excitement as your spinning reel screams from a running 100 lb. tarpon in a Boca Grande Tournament.

Our diverse array of aquatic dwellers is astounding. There are more than 1,000 species of fish in the Florida waters and most of them are edible. To avoid overfishing, many rules have been established. To avoid fishing violations, it is well advised to be aware of them.

A Big Fish in Southwest Florida
"Steve Taub from Aztec Plumbing in Cape Coral caught this Snook on a large Pin Fish in Sanibel Island waters in September '09."
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Fishing License Information

Fishing Regulations (size, bag limits, etc.) (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Recreational Gear
How to measure fish.
Some of the most popular fish in our region are:
Snook, Red Drum, Trout, Tarpon ,Sheepshead, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Spanish & King Mackerel
Below is an extended list of popular fish with descriptions and regulations. For infomation about a specific fish, just click on it's name.

Almaco Jack

Fat Snook

Sandbar Shark

American Shad

Florida Pompano

Scalloped Hammerhead

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark



Atlantic Croaker

Goliath Grouper
( Jewfish )


Atlantic Spadefish

Gray Snapper


Banded Rudderfish

Greater Amberjack

Shortfin Mako

Bank Sea Bass

Gulf Flounder

Silk Snapper

Black Grouper

King Mackerel

Silver Seatrout

Black Sea Bass


Silver Perch

Black Drum

Lane Snapper

Spanish Mackerel

Blackfin Snapper

Lesser Amberjack

Spotted Seatrout

Blue Runner

Longbill Spearfish

Striped (Black) Mullet

Blue Marlin

Mahogany Snapper



Mutton Snapper

Swordspine Snook


Nassau Grouper

Tarpon Snook

Bonnethead Shark





Vermilion Snapper


Queen Snapper


Common Snook

Red Drum

White Marlin

Crevalle Jack

Red Grouper

White Grunt

Cubera Snapper

Red Snapper

Yellowfin Grouper

Dog Snapper

Rock Sea Bass

Yellowmouth Grouper



Yellowtail Snapper

Fantail Mullet

Sand Seatrout